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Join us for
the La Isha Experience.


Join us in our beautiful facility overlooking a picturesque lake for the ultimate pampering experience. Whether you are a Kimpetorin or a woman simply in need of a relaxing get away, La Isha provides a haven

for today’s busy woman. Our resort style accommodations and hotel standard services leave nothing to be desired, sending every visitor home energized and ready to return to home life.



Enjoy three nutritious gourmet meals daily, prepared and plated by our professional chef.

Round the
Clock Care

Relax as our professional, attentive and loving staff take care of all of your needs.


Our facility is exquisitely decorated and magnificently furnished with your comfort in mind.


Relax in our common area on a recliner or couch while reading, playing board games or socializing with other mothers.

Snack Bar

Grab a snack or treat from our fully stocked snack bar whenever hunger or cravings strike.

Massage & Aesthetic Services

Pamper yourself with spa services, including massages,
mani-pedis, facials and waxings.


A lactation consultant gives weekly classes to assist and educate nursing mothers.

Infant Services

We also offer customized feeding schedules, ear piercing, newborn photography, Mohel and after bris care.

Created for Women


The focus of La Isha, a state-of-the-art women’s center, is to provide relaxation and respite for women in all stages of life. Phase one of our development focuses on the Kimpeturin. With every amenity you can dream of, every new mommy can now relax and recharge like royalty.

The focus of phase two will be to create a unique women’s only spa, where women from the community can come in and get some badly needed rejuvenation.

Modern Baby Nursery


Rest easy knowing that your little one is well taken care of in our state-of-the-art nursery. Our nursery staff care for each precious bundle with the utmost love, care and attention. Babies are bathed daily, freshly clothed and are fed on schedule or on demand. One ring to the nursery can give you an update on your babies schedule for your comfort and peace of mind. The nursery is accessible at all times so that you can come by anytime to feed or cuddle your precious newborn.